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Home ownership is a dream for many, and the process of achieving it begins with getting pre-approved for a mortgage loan. “Pre-approval” is when a lender reviews your credit and financial situation in order to determine how much it’s willing to lend you. Pre-approval determines if you’re qualified and, if so, for how much.

So…how much do you need? In calculating the amount of your loan in relation to the price of the property you’re considering, keep in mind your household budget: how much you’ll be spending on food, clothes, utilities, automobile expenses, insurance, retirement, and savings…in addition to whatever your mortgage will be. If you don’t have a household budget, make one. Don’t set yourself up for financial trouble from the very beginning.

In order to be approved, you’ll need to provide the mortgage company a number of documents, including pay stubs, employment verification, bank information, tax documents, and a current credit report. Depending on your situation, you may need others. Having these documents in place when you begin qualifying for a mortgage speeds up the process significantly — and indicates to your broker your seriousness about home ownership.

Most mortgage companies have an online pre-approval form on their website. Our trusted partner for loan pre-approval is Steve Hall at Neighbors Financial.

Please click the link below to apply for a loan and select Steve Hall as a staff member to be contact with you: